English Teacher (6 Month Work Abroad Program)

Location: Antigua, Guatemala
Job # 708731
Work Abroad Placement Program January 2012:
English as a Foreign Language Teacher for small community JK-Gr. 6 school in Antigua, Guatemala.  
Jan 3 2012 - July 1, 2012 (Six months)


Antigua, Guatemala
The EFL Teacher is responsible for designing, implementing, and teaching a program of English to the local kids. 

This position is full-time and will be split between teaching English at the school and working in guest services at one of Guatemala's most serene eco-lodge retreats -  who help manage the school and community/social programs around the area.  

20-25 hours a week average preparing for or teaching classes and 20 hours (4 shifts) average working at the eco-lodge. The lodge hours will typically be two or three afternoons a week and the weekends. These hours will not all be filled with work. At times you will just be on call in case there are new arrivals or a guests needs something.

The successful candidate for this position will be:
A qualified, experienced teacher with a bachelor’s degree or higher in education from an accredited institution and at least 2 years of relevant teaching experience. 

A great teacher: This position is and demands a teacher that is adaptable, able to tolerate stress and has a high energy level, high work standards, and strong organizational skills, but most of all who is able to connect with and educate the children.
Responsible and self-motivated: The Teacher will be working more or less unsupervised and so needs to be self-motivated, multi-tasking, and responsible. They will need to supervise the volunteers in the classroom.

Personable: Part of this position involves working at the eco-lodge in the position of guest assistant. The successful candidate will have the ability to relate to and get on with the wide variety of people who choose to stay at eco-lodge.

Compensation Package: 
Room, board, monthly spending money, and $500 towards flight cost:
  • Three meals a day. The eco- lodge is famous for it's decadent vegetarian meals, but there are meat options as well.
  • Private and comfortable accommodations in the new staff housing. The staff housing is a new building, on site, it is behind the main building so the staff can enjoy their privacy. All the rooms are comfortable, private and have large beds and plenty of space for your personal belongings. The staff has access to hot showers, a flushable toilet, and can fix their own food in the kitchen if and when they feel hungry.
  • Salary of $150.00 a month.
  • $500.00 toward the cost of the flight home upon completion of the school year (January 2012 to July 1st 2012).  

Teacher Duties:
Curriculum Design: By the end of the semester, the teacher should have finished a draft of a curriculum that can be used again in this school and in other schools. This curriculum should be affordable and appropriate. Affordable means that the books chosen are not prohibitively expensive and that the curriculum makes use of available resources in the school and community rather than requesting new ones. Appropriate means that words, activities, games etc are designed with the socio-economic and educational background of the children at the school (a background very different from that of the typical child in an EFL class).

Lesson Planning: The Teacher will design and prepare for each lesson they teach. He or she will record the lesson plans to be added to the curriculum.

Teaching: The Teacher will teach 4 40 minute classes in 3-4 primary classrooms, 5 days per week. 

Utilizing Volunteers: The Teacher will work with the Managing Director to design and run the volunteers involvement in classes. He or she will also supervise the volunteers in the classroom.

Reports and Assessment: The Teacher reports directly to the Managing Director. He or she will measure the progress of the children at least two times during the year.

To Apply:

Please include:
*Cover letter
*Contact information

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